To serve as the premier arm of the Executive Branch in engaging and involving the citizenry and the mass media in order to enrich the quality of public discourse on all matters of governance and build a national consensus thereon.
The PCOO is the lead communications arm of the Government and a vehicle of understanding for a well-informed and enlightened citizenry, proud of its heritage and attuned to global realities.
  • To serve as the primary vehicle for consciousness-raising, constituency-building, and social mobilization in support of the policies, programs, and projects of the Presidency.
  • To serve as a tool for informing, educating, enlightening the citizenry about matters of national importance for inspiring the citizenry to deepen their civic engagement.
  • Develop and implement necessary guidelines and mechanisms pertaining to the delivery and dissemination of information relating to the policies, programs, official activities and achievements of the President and the Executive Branch;
  • Develop, manage and operate viable government-owned or controlled information dissemination structures / facilities to provide the Office of the President in particular, and the Executive Branch in generals, access to the people as an alternative to the private mass media entities;
  • Set up and maintain local and international field offices, where necessary, to ensure that accurate information from the President and the Executive Branch is promptly and efficiently relayed, deliveries and disseminated to intended target audiences;
  • Manage, control or supervise, as may be necessary, the various government agencies and offices involved in information gathering and dissemination;
  • Coordinate and cultivate relations with private media;
  • Manage and administer the OP Website and the Web Development Office; and
  • Perform such other functions as the President may assign from time to time