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January 2015

Philippines, U.S. reiterate South China Sea row must be settled through international arbitration, says Palace official (01.22.15)
Palace confident Gross Domestic Product would hit 6.5 to 7.5 percent target (01.22.15)
Government eyes long-term solution to traffic congestion, says Palace official (01.22.15)
Palace defends President Aquino's speech after his meeting with Pope Francis (01.20.15)
Government efforts to secure Pope Francis were effective, Palace official says (01.20.15)
Palace says Reproductive Health Law supports responsible parenting (01.20.15)
Palace acknowledges latest survey on administration's net satisfaction rating (01.20.15)
Palace official credits public cooperation for success of Papal visit (01.19.15)
The Philippines has become more open and diversified, says Palace official (01.15.15)
Palace fends off rumor on Manila ports’ closure during Pope Francis' visit (01.14.15)
Government to consider welfare of OFWs in imposing new policy on airport terminal fees (01.13.15)
Palace to politicians using Papal visit for political gain: Find another time for grandstanding (01.13.15)
Palace reiterates call to the public to cooperate with authorities during the Papal visit (01.11.15)
Palace condemns terror attacks in Paris (01.11.15)
Gender Equality Committee launches search for gender-fair media (01.09.15)
Palace calls for calm and order during the Feast of the Black Nazarene (01.08.15)
Palace: Those responsible for Bilibid explosion will be punished (01.08.15)
President Aquino meets with church leaders to iron out preparations for Pope Francis' visit (01.08.15)
Malacañang condemns killing of Abante reporter (01.08.15)
MRT, LRT fare hike means better services, new facilities, says Palace (01.06.15)
Palace defends MRT, LRT fare hike (01.04.15)
Government ready to assist Filipino seamen involved in the sunken Bahamian cargo ship (01.04.15)
Palace hopeful Congress will pass all its priority bills this year (01.04.15)
Government spells out options to address projected power shortfall in Luzon (01.02.15)
Security measures in place for visit of Pope Francis, says Palace (01.02.15)
Palace ready to work with Congress to address firecracker-related injuries, official says (01.02.15)